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Working Hands
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Witherspoons Working Hands Skin Care
"As quick and easy as washing hands"

When you work with your hands they really take a beating. It doesn't matter if you are a Tradesperson, Nurse, Gardener, Mum or Dad, we all have problems wth our hands at some point. Chemicals, detergents, cleaning products, dirt and even sun and water take from our skin.

Here's a quick easy way to put oils back and keep your hands looking and feeling great.

Witherspoons was specifically formulated for people with problem, dry or neglected hands and that's most of us.

A NATURAL alternative to lotions and hand creams that wash off as soon as you put your hands in water.

A blend of mineral salts, fruit and nut oils and plant extracts that nourish, rejuvenate and protect the skin by putting back oils we continue to take out on a daily basis.

You will feel and notice a real difference in your skin after the very first treatment. It leaves it glowing, conditioned and refreshed.

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  • All natural / No chemicals
  • Made in Australia
  • Lasts through multiple washings
  • No need to re-apply in the same day
  • Only takes an extra minute
  • Exfoliates and clears pores
  • Heals by adding precious oils back into the skin
  • Helps cuts and grazes heal faster
  • Fights infection
  • Makes nails more flexible, prevents cracking and splitting
  • The longer you use it the less often you need it
  • Replaces hand creams
  • Beautiful on the whole body
  • Beautiful on the face (once a week)
  • A great gift idea


    Witherspoons Working Hands

    An inspired selection of specifically chosen Precious Essential Oils which exploit the unique properties of Premium Grade Emu Oil to carry these Magic Blends deep below the skin's surface where Witherspoon's Magic happens.

    Witherspoons products contain NO cosmetic additives, chemicals, colours, or unnatural fragrances....the beautiful aromas are the result of the unique quality essential oils Witherspoon's demand from their exclusuve suppliers.

       Hand Magic ph: 0412 696 447